Newborn Baby Found Buried Under Bike Path

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies discovered a newborn baby girl, abandoned an buried alive along a bike path in Compton, on Friday. Los Angeles County deputies found a baby girl buried alive in a riverbed next to

Burglar Stuck in Chimney Dies After Owner Light Fire

A would-be burglar became stuck in the chimney of the Central California house. The alleged effort turned fatal when the homeowner lit a fire in the fireplace. When the homeowner heard someone yell, he tried to put the fire out

Newborn Found at Nativity Scene at NY Church

The custodian at Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill told police the manger was empty when he left for lunch and when he returned, he heard a baby crying. When he looked at the nativity scene,

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Sinead O’Connor Safe After Pill Overdose

Police officials in Ireland, reveal Sinead O’Connor is indeed “safe and sound” after the singer posted what appears to be a suicide note online. “The note, posted Sunday morning, alleges “appalling cruelty” on the part of her

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