Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Resign After Convention

Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation in a statement Sunday afternoon. The announcement came after internal emails newly disclosed by the website WikiLeaks that the Florida congresswoman had tilted the scales in favor of Clinton. DNC chair resigning over leaked emails

Donald Trump Accepts Republican Nomination at RNC

Donald Trump accepted the presidential nomination in an approximately 75-minute speech in which he promised to “restore law and order to our country”.  US election: Donald Trump promises a ‘safer’ America Via www.bbc.co.uk 07/22/2016 12:08 AM Joseph Sohm

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The Outrageous Costumes of Comic-Con 2016

San Diego’s Comic-Con is lit this year. The annual convention saw fans of comics and entertainment dress-up as zombie Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, to an army of mad hatters. Costumes of Comic-Con 2016 Via rss.cnn.com Comic-Con,

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