Obama Ends Arms Embargo on Vietnam

President Obama has announced the lifting of a 50-year old arms embargo on communist Vietnam in a historic signal of warming relations between former enemies that waged a bloody Cold War conflict. Obama lifts arms embargo on Vietnam

Oklahoma Wants to Impeach Obama?

Oklahoma lawmakers are asking for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment against Obama, tamongst other officials involved in the decision to let transgender students use bathroom corresponding to the gender with which

Oklahoma Moves to Ban Abortion

Oklahoma’s Senate passed a law Thursday that would criminalize abortion, an extraordinary measure clashing sharply with longstanding rulings from the nation’s highest court.  Republican Governor Mary Fallin’s spokesman said she would review the bill before deciding whether

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Stevie Wonder & Madonna Honor Prince at the Billboard Music Awards

Rumored ex Madonna performed last night at the Billboard Music Awards in honor of Prince. “After an introduction from Questlove, the “Material Girl” singer appeared on stage in a luxurious purple chair to sing “Nothing Compares to

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